DNA | ongoing

Al Pagano - Keyboard, Bass, vocals
Doug Johnston - drums

DNA is doug and al. We have been friends since 1986 in grade school in Tulsa and have played music together for many years. One day in 2004 we got together again to play some raw, spontaneous music at doug's place in Tulsa. That was DNA's birthday. Since then, we have made one album a year - we live in different parts of the country, so we rarely intersect. Al plays keyboard, and doug plays the drums. Occasionally, Al will sing something.

The key to this band is immediacy. We rarely take more than an hour to record an album. In order to achieve this the recording process must be crude. It consists of Al hitting record on his laptop and capturing all sound through the built-in microphone. None of the material we play has been played before each recording session, and none of it is practiced or played more than just a minute of two before we actually record. Therefore, it is a completely pure, simple musical experience which is made possible through the unspoken understanding developed over years of playing together.

Previous ventures of a similar nature between Al and Doug include an all-improv spontaneously recorded soundtrack to Jim Henson's landmark classic, The Dark Crystal, which had doug on drums and Al on Bass (with heavy effects) recorded sometime around 1996.

Perhaps someday we will be able to reproduce these sessions in some sort of live show format.

Our "albums":

DNA July 12, 2004, recorded in Tulsa, OK in Doug's Basement on a powerbook. We used Daniel's Roland Jx-3p.

DNA2 May 23, 2005, also recorded in Tulsa in doug's basement on the powerbook. This time we used a friend's MicroKorg.

DNA3 December 18, 2006, recorded in Chicago, Illinois in Al's practice space with a macbook. Here Al also played bass over the his microkorg.

DNA4 July 8, 2007, again in Chicago in the practice space, using the powerbook and the microkorg.

DNA5 December 27, 2008, in Tulsa, OK at the Pagano residence with the macbook and the microkorg.

To download an entire album in a .zip file, please click the following links:
DNA (5.2mb)
DNA2 (13.4mb)
DNA3 (35.9mb)
DNA4 (39.3mb)
DNA5 (40.5mb)