AtlAtl | 2003-2005

Daniel Sutliff - Keyboards/synths, guitar, bass
Doug Johnston - drums

AtlAtl was born out of the ashes of Friends of the Apocalypse, through which we met. We recorded many hours of improvisation at practices and eventually crafted parts and pieces of those into songs.
Over the two years we played many shows in Tulsa and the surrounding region and toured with Damezumari. We recorded two ep's, one of which we released for the tour. For both of us, AtlAtl was a way to hone our musical and artistic skills as well as engage the community around us. We played and collaborated with many incredible bands and people and had an amazing time in the process. For several shows our friend Dennis Pagano joined us to play extra keyboard parts.

In addition to music, AtlAtl produced its own website, t-shirts, albums, and many of its own flyers. Our final show was in July 2004 at the $100 Taco, where we had played several shows previously. We worked with many friends, especially Seth Dazey, to create a showing of our music and our artwork. The last show turned out to be a great DIY community gathering that involved much more than music.

Daniel currently lives in Tulsa, where he plays in And There Stand Empires, and is working on solo music and art projects under the name DANIEL(((S))).

To view the previous AtlAtl website CLICK HERE (Warning: the site contains many broken links and requires flash player.)

AtlAtl 1: August 2004, recorded in Tulsa, OK at Valcour Studios by Hank Charles. Download the entire album as a .zip file by clicking here (22.8mb). To listen to individual tracks, follow the links below:
Diagram for the Daddy
Bad Haircut (I got a)

AtlAtl 2: March 2005, recorded in St. Louis, MO in some people's basement. Unfortunately we had this recording done for free by some recording engineering students and they never finished mixing the album. The only copy we have is not at all what we intended it to sound like, but you may download the entire recording as a .zip file by clicking here (21.4mb).To listen to individual tracks, follow the links below:

Various other lo-fi recordings from shows and practices:
beardface (from a practice)
omnichron (from a practice)
hairplane (from a show in Tulsa)
practice clip
mothra (early improv recordings)
attaction (Recorded by Jeremy Forbis in Tulsa, OK.)
attaction (from early improv recordings)
roo (from a show in Fayetteville, AR)
a thin layer of vicky (from a practice)
diatribe (from early improv recordings)