Bob of Tribes | 1994-1997

Brett Treese - Guitar, vocals
Chris Pearce - Guitar, vocals
Doug Johnston - Bass, vocals, some drums
Jon Kroblin - Drums, some vocals
Other musical contributors included Paul Cosman, Josh Massad, and Dustin (bassist for Dead Clown)

A teenage punk band in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We played many shows in Tulsa and a few in the surrounding region. After recording an EP in 1996 (on the Tulsa label Sensual Underground Ministries) we went on a tour that took us through the western US. The band disolved in 1997.
Unfortunately, relatively little documentation of the band remains in my possession. If anyone has any photos, video, or recordings of Bob of Tribes, please contact me here.


Full Song List (to the best of my recollection and documentation available)
Early Recording (approx 1994):
-Happy Love Song
-Aunt Frantics Auntics
-Surf Song
-Cat in the Hat
-Man on an Aeroplane
-Picket the Schoolz
-Crashing Elevators
-Song for Sandy
-Hair Song
-(recorded jam)

Straight From The Crotch of the Bible Belt (1995):
-Jenny Needs a Brain
-Surf Song 2

Does Anyone Have a Gun 7" (1996, Sensual Underground Ministries Records):
-Death of Bambi's Mother
-Does Anyone Have a Gun
-Spain is Cool

Practice Recording (early 1997):
-how 2 fuk up yer kids
-Cannibal Song
-Naked Ladies
-Day Break
-A Bit Too Much
-Heaven Hates Catfish
-Still a punk Rocker

Other songs (recordings of these songs are missing - please email me if you have any!):
-She Washed upon the Shore
-Brain Freeze
-Trampoline Dreams
-Where's Tommy
-They Got Soul
-Mr. Popularity
-I, Serf
-Teenager in Trouble
-Blow-up Doll
-new song (possibly titled Spies in my Briefs)