Wholesale Inquiries:
Our coiled cord bags, baskets and sculptural vessels are available for wholesale purchasing and wholesale orders will be considered for select retailers. If you are interested in carrying my work in your retail setting, please introduce yourself by email and include the name of your store and a link to your website, a list of designers that you represent, and images of the store. Please understand that not all requests for wholesale orders may be met. Commitment will be based on compatibility with prospective retailer, current workload, and timeline. *We are not currently seeking additional sales opportunities with e-commerce or online shops.* Contact me for pricing and arrangements:

日本での新規お取引については、マツオカ までお問い合わせ下さい。

internships / employment:
We hire artists, designers, and craftspeople as independent contractors/freelance workers to help produce our coiled and stitched baskets and bags. If you are interested in working with us we ask for a minimum of 6 months availability including a training period. Experience with industrial sewing machines and a material-based art or design background is preferred, and must be an american citizen or permanent resident. Please send a résumé and work samples to

We do not offer internship opportunities as we believe people should not work for free. Please see this handy flowchart designed by Jessica Hische.